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International expansion requires a good team 

- I am so proud of my team! We now operate in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, United Kingdom and Germany. Soon we open in USA, and the plan is to expand two or more countries a year. I believe the key to success is to have a competent and engaging team. We all work towards the same goals and we share the same vision for the expansion of the company, says Ikaika Nordin Financial Manager in FirstVet.

To do local tax yourself is time consuming

-When we expanded to Norway we contacted several tax accountants. We chose VIEW Tax after a reassuring meeting with the companies CEO Malin Scoglietti-Olstad. VIEW Tax use the same system we use in Sweden, the financial system Xledger. Malin ensured us to be a our Tax specialist thus compliant on all local tax and laws, Nordins continues.

-To do local tax yourself is time consuming. After you have read up on the law, you are still not the best to interpret the rules and regulations. Also keeping up with future changes is a very challenging task. 
We have been customers for over a year now and we are very happy with VIEW Tax and Malin. She is always on time and delivers solid quality on every task. 

With our plans of expansion, we have found that the key to success is to find a local tax specialist. We are super happy with Malin handling our Norwegian Tax. This is an economic area you do not want mistakes, Nordin argues.

"For our norwegian tax office, it was important to have a scalable system, that’s why we chose VIEW Tax" 

-  Ikaika Nordin, financial manager

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Our team has experience with companies in different branches - worldwide. We speak multiple languages and are passionate about helping customers within the area of taxes, accountancy and advisory when settling and doing business in Norway.
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