VAT Representation

Every company running business in Norway needs a registration number. For most companies it will be sufficient to register in the Central Coordinated Register for Legal Entities, but for some others it will be necessary to register in the Companies Register.

When the level of turnover stretches beyond 50.000 NOK, the company has to register in the VAT Register. Once the registration has been approved the letters MVA (English: VAT) needs to be added straight after the registration number.
Clients from certain EES/EU countries do not need to have their own representative in Norway. The requirement for reporting, documentation and data storage will nonetheless remain unchanged. As such, it will, for most clients, be practical to have their own representative that can safeguard all such obligations.

There will be an expected duration of 2-3 weeks for registering the company in the Central Coordinated Register for Legal Entities or the Companies Register. Then it will take yet another week for registering in the VAT Register. 

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