HSE-cards for Contruction Workers and Cleaning Industry

Everyone who works in the construction- and cleaning industry must have a valid HSE card from the state. This is an identification card that identify who you are and which company you work for. It is required by law to carry such a card at all times at the work place.

An employer or sole proprietorship that does not have an HSE card for itself or its employees will, upon inspection, be ordered by the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority to obtain this.

If the employer or sole proprietorship does not comply with the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority's order, the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority may suspend operations until an HSE card has been obtained. The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority can also impose a violation fee for missing HSE cards. Particularly serious cases will be reported to the police.

Employees and sole proprietorships can be penalized if the HSE card is transferred to others.

By receiving a power of attorney, we can order these cards for you.

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