Bookkeeping and invoicing

VIEW Tax offers invoicing through the Internet application Xledger. We customize the layout with the client’s logo, legal notice and the product codes as a part of the start-up procedure. The client may carry out the invoicing himself through his own user profile and access to the application. The client’s need of storage and documentation is covered by using this invoicing solution, where all transactions are documented by an image of the invoice document(s). The application allows sending out dunning letters and interest notes on overdue payments. The procedures are in accordance with Norwegian law, but it is entirely possible with individual customization of the reminders. 
The bank integration allows real-time information on the Accounts Receivable and liquidity. For clients who use the service of VIEW Tax’ Client Account, the settlement towards the customer will be ongoing.
Norwegian law allows clients to invoice through their own system. However, the requirements for an invoice number, ledger specification, sales documentation and storage of information will remain the same – independent of which system is in use. By selecting this option, the client will have to make the information available for inspection upon request of a representative or a public authority.

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