Do you know that awkward feeling in your stomach when stepping into an overcrowded cable car? Or those moments driving across a long suspension bridge in a high wind? Whether gliding through a scenic winter landscape or working on an oil rig in a fierce storm, it is in these moments of our life that we depend on steel wires ropes. Hopefully the manufacturer of those steel wires ropes has laid great emphasis on safety aspects.

Our Company, Redaelli, is a global leader in the production of steel wire ropes. We draw on 200 years of experience in our field and, as a result, we have established an excellent international reputation for our stringent safety policy. “The sense of safety” is our mission, and we take these words very seriously at every stage of our production and service chain. Safety does not only mean making the products safe. To us, guaranteeing safety also means to calculate the durability of a product in full operation. We want people that enter a cable car, cross a bridge or work under a crane to feel safe, because they know that safety is our first priority.​

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Anne-Gro Bekkevold
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In Steenstrup Stordrange we know law down to our very fingertips, but our strength lies in the fact that we also assist with commercial expertise.
WTS Global is a global network of selected consulting firms represented in more than 100 countries worldwide.

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Anne-Gro Bekkevold
Senior Advisor

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